The Library holds a small collection of CD-ROMs & DVDs and this page aims to give information about the collection. Most of the discs can be borrowed, except where the publisher license does not allow for this.

What types of CD-ROMs & DVDs are held in the Library?

The CD-ROMs and DVDs we receive in the Library fall into the following types

  1. Discs linked to a book or are standalone resources
  2. Discs containing supplementary information for a journal

Who can borrow them and for how long?

CD-ROMs can only be borrowed by registered Library users. The loan periods are as follows

  1. book supplements can usually be borrowed for the same loan period as the book
  2. journal supplements can be borrowed for an overnight loan

What if the disc doesn’t work?

Each disc is tested when it is received in the Library to make sure that the contents can be accessed. However, it is not possible for us to guarantee the discs will continue working forever. The lifespan of CD media is limited, by some estimates, the data on CDs is likely to corrupt after only 3-4 years. Also, the software which is in use at the time of publication may become outdated over time. For this reason we cannot guarantee that the discs will work with all types of computer or with all operating systems. This particularly applies to older items. If you experience any problems when using any of the CD-ROMs please report this to the Library. The Library will try to obtain a replacement for any malfunctioning CD-ROMs where possible. However, this may not be possible if an item is out of print or the licence does not allow for replacements to be issued.

What titles are held?

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