All  library users  primarily Undergraduates, Postgraduates (who  should have paid the Library fees) who are registered for the courses and programs conducted by the University, and Academic and non-academic staff members are entitled to Library Facilities. The Student/Official Identity card and National Identity Card should be provided for registration with the library. Only undergraduates, postgraduate students who have paid both the Library fee and the Refundable Deposit, Academic Staff, and permanent Non-Academic staff members are eligible to borrow books. Other categories of users will be allowed only after the permission from the Librarian to use the reference material.


Enrolled at the time of opening the commencement of their respective program/course at the faculty for a new academic year.


Required to submit the University ID Card and the National Identity Card along with the receipt of library fees payment.


Academic, & permanent Non-Academic staff members of the Faculties, Institutes, Schools, and Campuses of the University of Colombo.

** Please submit your official Identity Card and National Identity Card for registration.

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