• University Identity Card works as evidence either you are a student or staff in this university. Do not hesitate to produce your valid University Identity card before entering the library.
  • If you are not a student or staff member in this university, show your national Identity / Passport and request the direction from the staff in front desk and visit the library office. permission has to obtained from the Librarian or the authorized staff member in the library to access the collection.
  • The University Identity Card facilitates to provide access to your profile in the library management system. Hence, the University Identity Card is compulsory to borrow books from the library.
  • Books of permanent reference, past papers and periodicals will only be issued for photocopy purposes withholding your University Identity Card until returned the material to the section.

Borrowing limits for academic staff and students diverse faculty by faculty due to the value of the books and copies availability. Please refer library network websites to see the borrowing limits in the Medical/ Nursing/ Science/ Technology Library.


Arts/ Management

Year No of Books
Lending Reference
1st Year 03 02
2nd Year 03 02
3rd Year 03 02
4th Year 03 02


Year No of Books
Lending Reference
1st Year 03 02
2nd Year 03 02
3rd Year 03 02
4th Year 03 02


Category No of Books
Lending Reference
Law Postgraduate 02
Other Postgraduate (Art, Edu, Mgt, FGS) 01 01


  • Time Period for book Returning (Undergraduates & Postgraduate) – 21 days for Lending books and 5 days for Reference books
  • Reference facility is provided only for those who have paid the library fees of Rs. 1500.00
  • Book borrowing facility is provided only for those who have paid a refundable deposit of Rs. 2500.00 per book.
  • This value is subject to change with notice.


Category No of Books
(Lending or Reference)
Academic Staff (Permanent)

(15 books will be issued on requests, for the permanent Academics in the Faculty of Arts)

Academic Staff (Temporary) 03
Academic Supportive Staff 05
Administrative Staff 05
Non-academic Staff 02

Postgraduate Students

FGS students are able to borrow 02 library books on payment of a refundable deposit, Rs. 5000.00.

Outside Researchers

No library tickets will be issued for any outsiders those who are not members of the library. However, outside researchers can request from the librarian to refer some materials available in the library. In considering the available facilities, materials and wrathfulness of the research, only reference facilities will be granted by the librarian. These requests will be considered if the potential reader can produce a letter addressed to Librarian by the head of a recognised research body indicating the significance of the research and the affiliation of the researcher.



Temporary Membership fee
Month Year
Local Users Rs. 400 Rs. 1000
Foreign Users Rs. 1000 Rs. 5000

**(Approved by 383rd Finance Committee held on 04th October 2017, University of Colombo)


The books that are not returned on the due dates will be charged as follows:

Book Type Fine per day (Rs.)
Lending 10.00
Reference 15.00

The Librarian may recall books at any time and the borrower must return books immediately when called upon to do so.

  • Students should report to the issuing counter, if any marks or damages to the books are found, at the time of borrowing. In the absence of such a report the books will be presumed to have been in good condition when loaned, and the borrower will be responsible and fined for any damage observed at the time the books are returned.
  • Tearing off pages from a publication or any type of vandalism is strictly forbidden and it is a punishable offense. Such students will be reported to the Dean of the Faculty and the library facilities will be suspended for a period determined by the Librarian.
  • The borrower will be liable to pay the full cost of replacement of a book, and other costs as defined by the university.
  • Loss of a book should be reported immediately to the circulation counter by filling a declaration form available at the Main Library counter and the library website. If the book is not found and not returned after two weeks, the borrower will be notified to pay for its replacement cost.
  • Readers must produce their University Record Book/Identity Card when entering the library, borrowing books or any other time when called upon to do so.
  • Readers must produce their belongings such as books, notes etc. to the gatekeepers when they enter to the library and go out of the library.
  • No bags, cases, parcels, cellular phones, personal copies of books & printed materials, umbrellas etc. should be brought into the Library.
  • SILENCE should be observed in all public reading areas.
  • Seats in the Library may not be reserved or removed by the readers.
  • Readers are not allowed to do joint work and discussion in the library.
  • Consumption of food and drink, smoking and the use of matches or an open flame are forbidden in the Library.
  • No readers may enter any part of the Library to which entry is forbidden.
  • Visitors to the Library are required to obtain the permission of the Librarian to enter the Library.
  • Any disorderly or improper conduct or breach of regulations will render the reader or borrower concerned liable to suspension from using the library.
  • Students should not occupy the reserved places and seats for Postgraduate students / Research students / University Teachers.
  • Do not leave your personal belongings in front of the library or around the library. Please use the Cloakroom.
  • Valuable articles or cash should not be kept in the cloakroom. The Library Staff will not hold themselves responsible for any losses.
  • It is requested that all readers should avoid wearing unsuitable clothes like shorts, caps (except the religious headgear) etc. when they enter the Library.
  • Prior approval in writing should be obtained from the Librarian to take photographs inside the Library.

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