Plagiarism is using another person’s ideas, designs, words, or works without appropriate acknowledgment.Students should ensure that article, assignment, thesis or any form of academic writing presented are their intellectual property, while work, language, and opinion of others are duly acknowledged by adopting proper citation methods/standards.

Check for Plagiarism

Library provides the service to check plagiarism in your assignment or thesis by using Turnitin Feedback Studio. If you need assistance to check the plagiarism of your assignment/thesis, please contact the following Library Staff.
Faculty Name E-mail
Arts Mrs. S.M. Adhikari
Education Mrs. M.A.L. Silva
Law Mrs. P.K.S. Manatunga
Management / FGS Mr. N.M. Karannagoda
Medicine Mrs. Nadeesha Perera
Nursing Mrs. I.F. Senanayake
Science Mrs. S. Somarathna
Technology Mr. T. Ramanan
Turnitin Administrator Mrs T. Srithran

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